Run the Jewels rapper and social activist Killer Mike recently appeared on an episode of the NRA’s broadcasting network, NRATV, to promote his views on Black gun ownership and the Second Amendment. Host Colion Noir and the NRA quickly proceeded to spin Killer Mike’s appearance into an anti-protest stance, with Noir segueing into the interview by saying, “What are you really marching for? Because from where I’m standing, it looks like a march to burn the Constitution and rewrite the parts you don’t like in crayon.”

“No one can point this out better than Killer Mike,” Noir adds.

Killer Mike soon found himself in hot water with Black Twitter because, well, it’s the NRA, which has no problems using the white fear of Black bodies as a marketing campaign to sell their weapons. Perhaps Killer Mike went into the interview with the assumption that he would be allowed to control the narrative and focus on Black gun ownership while pointing out the historical discrepancies in gun ownership rates for Black people in America, but that would be a poor assumption to make.

The NRA promoted the interview by tweeting out a quote from Killer Mike’s saying he would kick his children out of his house if they protested against school shootings by walking out of school.

Killer Mike later apologized in a series of videos and explaining his position, but the whole incident just goes to show that you have to make well informed decisions on where you will allow yourself to be candid and frank. The NRA is never one of those places.