The United States Mint and Treasury has revealed that Lady Liberty will feature a Black woman for the first time ever. 

The move was part of an effort to diversify U.S. currency by featuring a different woman of color on the coin every two years. In the future Lady Liberty will also be Asian-American, Hispanic-American and Indian-American, according to CNN.

“We are very proud of the fact that the United States Mint is rooted in the Constitution,” said Principal Deputy Director Jeppson. “Our founding fathers realized the critical need for our fledgling nation to have a respected monetary system, and over the last 225 years, the Mint has never failed in its mission.”

The coin was revealed to feature a black woman with braids and a crown of stars. The year 1792 appears on one side to mark when the U.S. Mint was created and 2017 on the other to mark the year it will be released to the public.

It looks like we won’t have to wait for Harriet Tubman to appear on the $20 bill to see a black woman on our money.