The president of the Los Angeles Police Commission has filed a restraining order against Black Lives Matter Los Angeles activist Trevor Gerard. 

Matt M. Johnson, who’s been in the position for more than a year, claims that Gerard stalked him at his Sherman Oaks home and private law office and demanded to speak with him as well as making verbal threats, including “a gratuitous reference” about his children.

Gerard has denied all of the claims made against him and accused Johnson of taking statements he made out of context to better fit his story.

“I never told him that he should be afraid of me,” Gerard told L.A. Weekly. “I never told him to meet me outside. I never threatened him with any kind of physical violence. ”

The restraining order was filed after activists, including members of Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, allegedly targeted Johnson on two separate occasions. The first coming two days before, when they allegedly gained access to an entertainment law firm where he is managing partner and the second coming a day before when a demonstration was held in front of his home.

Gerard was arrested while outside of Johnson’s home and briefly held in custody. No charges have been filed as of this writing.

Johnson also claims that Gerard is a regular attendee at public commission meetings and said his comments “are almost always angry and hostile.” This is when he claims Gerard mouthed comments suggesting bodily harm.

According to the restraining order’s terms, Gerard is required to stay at least 100 yards away from Johnson and his family at all times, except for during board meetings, where he has to stay at least 5 yards away. Gerard plans to contest the restraining order in a court hearing on Jan. 10.