On yesterday’s The Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore got down to the bottom line:  Bill Cosby is guilty.

Bill Cosby has no shortage of supporters. His tour, that Wilmore dubbed “the deaf comedy jam” has repeatedly sold out.  While they may be people who still conflate Dr. Huxtable and Cosby, there are numerous others crying foul at the benefit of the doubt being repeatedly given to the comedian. Currently the number of allegations against Cosby stands at thirty-five — a number too large to completely discount. To that, Wilmore asked: “Why are we listening to these women?”

In the latter segment,  Ebony Senior Digital Editor Jamilah Lemieux had an answer to that question: “Rape is the only crime that community members, police officers and district attorneys go out of their way to discredit victims.” It’s no coincidence that it’s violence against that is repeatedly discredited.

The conversation surround the allegations against Cosby beg the question: If thirty-five allegations won’t be believed, how many do there have to be? The answer is that the number of alleged victims could be infinite and they still wouldn’t be believed. The disbelief is solely because these are women — and that’s some weak tea.