LaVerne Cox is on a roll this year! She’s already made history by becoming the very first transgender woman to appear on the cover of TIME. Not to mention that time when she became the first transgender woman to be nominated for an Emmy. 

Now, the actress and activist has been named one of Glamour’s ‘Women of the Year.”

From Glamour:

“Laverne Cox is a Woman of the Year because… “Her unparalleled candor, courage, and eloquence have helped us understand a community that is far too often misunderstood. She teaches us that gender identity lives, first and foremost, in our hearts and minds.” – Katie Couric 1992 and 2006 Woman of the Year

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Cox joined several politicians, activists and celebrities who were honored at the annual ceremony. Good Morning America host Robin Roberts, along with Lupita Nyong’o also received awards.


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