“I remember the coach, in my face, grabbed my chest plate and say ‘I’m gonna f------ kill you,” Ricky Jean-Michel said.

Five black Long Island high school football players say they were called the N-word, targeted and assaulted during an intense rivalry game late last year.

Amityville High lost the game against Comsewogue High School in November, but it wasn’t the loss that prompted students to file a lawsuit. 

From The New York Daily News:

A late hit in the third quarter caused emotions to boil over into a sideline-clearing brawl that ended the game early and shut Amityville out of the playoffs.

But what happened during the fight, which the Amityville players call assault, proved the whole thing was prompted by racism, they say.“They tried to hurt us,” Travon Duncan told the news station. “I was swarmed by not one, but three to four players.”

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Video footage of the game shows a Comsewogue player sprinting from across the field, decking an Amityville High player in the back.

Duncan and other players say the Consewogue team consist of mostly white players and coaches. They assert the team and its leaders used horrible, racist language towards them.

Reps for Comsewogue did not comment on the incident because of pending litigation. It is unclear what exactly the players are suing for in terms of damages.

Thoughts on the incident?

Who should be held responsible for such intolerable behavior? The students, school and/or parents?

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Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/li-football-players-claim-racism-assault-white-rivals-article-1.1605304#ixzz2seR4SCRv