Leslie Jones has had a polarizing couple of weeks. Not too long ago, she was the target of an entire hate campaign where countless trolls attacked her for a long list of bogus reasons. Luckily for us, she didn’t leave Twitter after all because we’ve been blessed with her hilarious, animated commentary on the 2016 Rio Olympics from her living room. 

Word of her viral cheers eventually made it all the way to NBC, and they’ve rewarded her by sending her an invitation to come down to Rio and support the USA squad in-person, according to NBC. Jones, who is a regular cast member of Saturday Night Live, will get to meet some athletes and be in attendance for swimming, track and field, gymnastics and beach volleyball events.

“We’re thrilled to have Leslie come to the Olympics,” said Executive Director Jim Bell in a press release. “She’s a member of the family, and her passion for the Olympics is remarkable.”

Take a look at the initial tweets that put all of this in motion below.