Despite all the recent news stories of well-intentioned whites bombarding American borders with black babies–colored children are not in high demand. They are not, as celebrity child-collectors would have you believe, the next big thing. Instead, they are in America and abroad, getting their asses kicked by hunger, by poverty, by disease, by parent-less homes, by poor education, by mass incarceration, and by violence. And they are angry. Look at this website! Hell, look at the photo I put up there. Do you see that girl’s face?

Recently in Atlanta, aka America’s next Detroit, a series of billboards proclaiming “Black Children Are an Endangered Species” made their debut across the city. Since then, public opinion has vacillated between abortion of blacks as a form of genocide to it’s a woman’s right to choose. httpv:// Ryan Bomberger, the black guy at the beginning of this video believes the former. And judging by the testosterone heavy anti-abortion rallies, the hecklers, and the Scott Roeder’s of the world, most men believe they have a dog in this fight. They don’t. Hence, it would make more sense for Mr. Bomberger to send his wife, who heads the Radiance Foundation to make the argument against black abortion. But news flash–she ain’t a sista!

Long before arguments for building up the black population as a political strategy, white supremacists (nationalists) from Hitler to David Duke (Grand Wizard) sought to keep the white race pure by only breeding with their own. Beyond their sexual ideologies, they took it a step further and actively sought to intimidate and exterminate people of color and minorities via the Holocaust and the KKK. Margaret Sanger, a birth control activist also touted contraception as a way to control populations but how much progress would she have made without W.E.B. DuBois? The “Endangered Species” ad plays off this history and then haphazardly points to the ethnicity of its producers to assuage people’s negative reactions. Relax, a black person produced this.

But DuBois wasn’t all that black and neither is Bomberger. And yes, I’m going to make the same color argument I’ve been making–skin color matters. It is the primary reason Bomberger is at liberty to make suggestions about black behaviors while he continues to live as far away from the margins as possible. His own multicultural upbringing may have made him appreciative of diversity, but it has done little to make him sensitive to the differences that confront the racial minorities of melting pot families. Thus while I can look at Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitts’ brood and think what a wonderful experience it must be to create your own little home of equality, at the end of the day, I know better. Bomberger doesn’t.

Love is not all we need. At least not all of us. For every Haitian child pulled from the rubble by a concerned citizen another black child awaits adoption in America. Judging by the trends, this child will continue to wait as the number of black adoptions continue to decline. Black children are not only aborted because their parents don’t want them–no one does. If they do happen to get here, they are more likely to live on the streets, more likely to drop out of school, more likely to go to jail, and more likely to end up on death row. Seems to me, abortion or not, extinction is imminent.