Friday morning, hundreds of students at Lincoln Park High School walked out of class to protest Chicago Public School’s proposed budget cuts. The students are concerned that if things continue on their current trend, they soon won’t have a school to attend at all, according to ABC7.

300 students marched around the school with signs during their third period.

“Today we call it ‘Fed Up Friday’ because we are fed up with the actions of the governor and the actions of CPS in general,” said junior Adia Njie.

The students had an understanding that short term sacrifices are often made for long term goals.

“We are not in class for third period, I get that,”said senior Nidalis Burgos. “But we are fighting for the education we won’t have if we sit on our hands and do nothing,”

This protest serves as a reminder that social activism can start and be effective at a very young age and that the youth are capable of taking action when needed.

Photo Credit: ABC