When celebrity moose killer Sarah Palin released her “bulls-eye” map putting democratic opponents in shotgun cross hairs many people felt her rhetoric had gone totally over the top (every one of course but the Tea Party and Fox News). It was clear to see that Palin, just like most Republicans, were not just recruiting but riling up “angry white people” who felt like they were “loosing their country” and wanted to “take it back”. We saw signs at Tea Party rallies in front of the White House that said, “We came unarmed this time” and a even a gun toting March on Washington.

All of this was encouraged and promoted by Palin, Fox News and the Tea Party. And just in case you missed the hidden message Palin made sure to tweet, “Don’t Retreat, Instead – RELOAD!” Now all of the sudden they’re all doing the moon walk, stressing calm and playing up the fact the shooter who killed 6 people and shot 12 others including Congresswoman Giffords (one of the politicians in Palin’s gun sights), was a “mentally deranged loner”. The worst part is that Sarah Palin ignored any warning about her vitriol. Below is a eerily on point video by the hosts of the daytime talk show “The View”, who have never been Governors or Vice-Presidential candidates, but were intelligent enough to see the possible results of Palin’s violent imagery…even the right wing one.