There have been too many occasions in which a Black business has taken advantage of its customers for the sake of maximizing their income. A boatload majority of the support for these businesses comes from other Black people, and in effect, the profit-focused regulation creates a sad reality. Economic projects, whether entrepreneurship or achievement of employment, should always start for generating wealth on behalf of the people. I have a valid prescription since the statistics of poverty consists of mostly Blacks and Hispanics. First condition: Our thin pockets have suffered racist obstacles of entering the workforce (discrimination by names with more three syllables, etc.). Another condition: all the options for consuming are without integrity and largely without Black descent. Some bosses have formed their Black businesses correctly (with scholarships, , but they are not the point. We still have some stakeholders pocket their exploitation of Blacks without any remorse, never to contribute to the welfare of the people.

Selfish moneymaking probably has no limits to the amount of disrespect it expresses; my personal experiences can testify about a Black business that mistreats the dead. For my great aunt’s funeral, my family hired a funeral home that offers a package, with limos, a space, and pastors. After the wake and service, the Home’s limos attempted to take our family to the burial site, I say attempt with much contempt. They ended up taking us on an unending road trip, way past the cemetery. Thankfully, the limo that my cousins, my siblings, and I were in, got a flat tire, because they stopped. We all realized at that moment that the home had no clue as to where they were going, and due to their not being professional, many of us missed our last moment to say goodbye. Now let us look at the structure of this business. People die often enough for the Home to purchase GPS systems and walkie talkies, so why hadn’t they done so? If you ask me, or my mother, it’s simply because they were attempting to cut the operating cost. Fine, it’s normal for a business to do so, but the Home made a budget that makes the experience under equipped, and thus, blasphemous. These are mourning families we are talking about, who sacrifice their economic security for a decent home-going service.

Again, I refer to my prescription: the Home’s organization is not a true Black business. It may be Black owned and operated, but does nothing to change the reality of Blacks, for the better. With a management team of a few members, the Home only focuses on getting rich instead of helping a family cope with a loss. As far as contributing to Black wealth, sharing is absent, hence the amount of hungry and homeless people living in the Home’s neighborhood. Economics for Black people must be libratory, since the monetary structure we participate in makes us exploit ourselves, both in mind and in economic welfare. For my falsely informed folks, it’s precisely our economic standing that impacts the racism against us. The shopkeeper that watches us too closely, or the clerk that automatically assumes that we will be using link, see poverty in us. We are not poverty, but a people that can hardly escape the historical and social problems in our way to prosperity