Wakiesha Wilson was in LAPD custody when she was found dead in her jail cell. According to the LAPD, the 36-year-old hanged herself and was found on the morning of Sunday, March 27th. While Wilson suffered from bipolar disorder, her family disputes that she wouldn’t have taken her own life.

“I don’t believe that, my daughter would not kill herself. It’s not like this is the first time she’s been incarcerated. No, she had too much to live for,” said Wilson’s mother, Lisa Hines, according to ABC.

The family is also suspicious because Wilson reportedly told them that she’d be coming home with them upon her release just a few days later. When Wilson’s family went to court to meet her on Tuesday, they weren’t given any updates even though she hadn’t appeared. Instead, they were informed the next day to contact a coroner.

“She planned on coming to my house. She told us to come to court because she was coming back home with me,” said Quanesha Francis, Wilson’s cousin.

“They knew when I was at court. They knew Monday when I called. They knew Monday because she died Sunday,” Hines said, according to Shine.

Jaaye Person-Lynn, the family’s attorney, is curious as to why the department waited to long to notify the family of Wilson’s death. There are also concerns about moments leading up to her passing, including an alleged altercation she had with an officer while in custody.

“Forgive us if we do not believe that an LAPD officer would have accepted Wakiesha’s defiance and walked away and then somehow Wakiesha decided to take her own life,” he said.

Photo Courtesy: Twitter