When it comes time to communicate especially when you hurt someone, the other person in pain cant immediately understand you. An appearance of you remains clear to them; you appear to them as the harm. As the threat you are nowhere above doubt. How can you say something is real, when you’re suspect from the jump.


When people get caught in their misfortune it haunts the resolution. Pierced in that sparring moment, our emotions taint the view of the
world; love becomes freighting. That moment when good intentions are clear is completely lost, the harmed comes across something un-acceptable, we lose comprehension. As the harmed, your sense of reality changes. The person that you can’t understand, who appears as someone you don’t recognize, tries to make you promise not to be mad. In that moment are you still trying to be that understanding person? My question is what repossesses the lover and makes them the harmed.

Most of the time, almost definitely when we are mad, our imagination takes us away from the conversation. In speaking to each other we
search for resolution, but the harmed can’t see a basic fact that we need each other. When you’re with someone you create a
foundation of understanding that you must always pledge loyalty to. No one ever intends to cause problems for the beloved, but we can’t anticipate how we will be misunderstood. The appearances of ourselves that we do not draw expose us to a shifty foundation. It’s a critical blemish of the relationship, that must be reconciled by a return to reality.

We are not enemies on the battlefield, but two humyns that can’t automatically see the results of our actions.