So Ludacris has decided to press the issue.

Earlier this month Luda released the track “Bada Boom,” rumored to be a direct diss to both Drake and Big Sean. Well, now we have a full-blown music video to accompany the track.

Featuring stock footage of famous emcee battles, video stills from “Hit ‘Em Up” and “Dre Day,” and some girl with big hair and smudged lipstick lip-synching his insults, Ludacris aims to embarrass those young whippersnappers with an old-school, lyrical ass-whopping.

Instead, he looks like Lil Kim he’s making a hell of a big deal out of not very much.

Check out the video here:


Confused? Here’s a little background: Drake did an interview about a year ago and was asked about #hashtag rapping (i.e “Hang it up/Flatscreen,” “It’s going down, Basement,”etc.). He said it was getting played out because certain emcees were using it sloppily. He then quoted Ludacris as an example (the aforementioned, legitimately wack “It’s goin’ down/Basement” line). Big Sean, whom many believe invented this flow, cosigned Drake’s sentiments.

Luda rhymes well throughout “Bada Boom,” but says nothing extraordinary or especially creative. Diss records are supposed to be memorable; there’s got to be at least a few lines that are particularly vicious and unforgettable.

“Bada Boom” has no “You claim to be a player/ But I fucked your wife,” or “That’s a one-hot-album-every-ten-year-average/And that’s so LAAAME” moments.   You feel his anger and disgust, and you sense his determination to cut those youngins down to size, but it never feels like he’s actually doing that.

“Bada Boom” is just a weak diss. And if it’s the best ‘Cris can do, then he should be very worried. Half the battle in any emcee battle are factors that have nothing to do with actual emceeing: popularity, coolness, buzz, etc. Ludacris is consistent, but he’s among the least-cool, least-interesting, and least-buzzed-about emcees in the game right now. And older rappers attacking younger emcees is never a good look in a youth-driven genre like Hip Hop.

So here’s hoping Drake and/or Big Sean don’t respond, for Luda’s sake