Lupita Nyong’o will be featured on next month’s cover of Glamourand the Academy Award-winning star is opening up about what some have said to her about her dark skin in her lifetime. 

From Huffington Post:

“When I was in the second grade, one of my teachers said, ‘Where are you going to find a husband? How are you going to find someone darker than you?’ I was mortified, the 32-year-old actress told Glamour. “I remember seeing a commercial where a woman goes for an interview and doesn’t get the job. Then she puts a cream on her face to lighten her skin, and she gets the job! This is the message: that dark skin is unacceptable. I definitely wasn’t hearing this from my immediate family — my mother never said anything to that effect — but the voices from the television are usually much louder than the voices of your parents.”

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The issue hits newsstands November 11.

Too many dark-skinned girls are told that they are not worthy. Lupita, thank you for proving those who possess this discriminatory idealogy wrong.

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