Canary Mission is a zionist blacklist website that targets and publicly posts information about pro-Palestinian college students, activists, and educators who criticize Israel. Now, the Jewish Community Federation of San Franciso, one of the biggest Jewish U.S. charities, has been revealed to be funding the website.

Canary Mission has been instilling fear in pro-Palestinian student activists by their posting personal and social media information onto their site, which usually leads to harassment. The site attempts to de-incentivize Palestinian solidarity activism by harming students’ career prospects and opportunities. Many targeted students reveal they have been detained and interrogated by Israeli officials based on information posted by Canary Mission. Some also detail death threats.

Since the website is registered via a secrecy service, its digital, financial and security trails are untraceable.

However, Forward has publicly identified the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco as a major donor to the site. The foundation boasts an annual budget of $100 million. The charity’s support is being criticized by many young Jewish Americans and Palestinian solidarity activists.

The Jewish Community Federation controls the Helen Diller Family Foundation, which made a $100,000 payment to the Central Fund of Israel and Canary Mission in 2016. After the public revelation, the Federation published a press release.

“In 2017, we strengthened the implementation of our review process and determined that the Central Fund of Israel is not in compliance with our guidelines, which apply to donor-advised funds and supporting foundations,” it reads. “Both the Helen Diller Family Foundation and the Federation will not support the Canary Mission in the future.”