An Alabama man who has been charged with hiring members of the KKK to kill his black neighbor wants leniency.

Allen Wayne Morgan’s sentencing will be delayed to allow the government to review an expert report submitted by his defense team. 

From ABC:

Morgan’s attorneys say he shouldn’t spend more than five years behind bars. They described the 30-year-old Munford man as a drug-addicted veteran of more than 175 Iraq combat missions who had suffered severe mental problems.

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Morgan allegedly hired a supposed KKK member to kill a black neighbor he suspected of sleeping with his wife.

A Raw Story report states, “He allegedly told an undercover agent that ‘I want this man hung from a tree like he is an animal. I want his penis cut off and I want him cut. You’re a hunting man right? I want him hung from a tree and gutted.’”

Prosecutors are seeking a sentence of 10 years behind bars.

What’s an appropriate punishment for this offense?

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