A South Florida man who was ripped off by his lawyer has been rewarded with his home.

Patrick Coulton was arrested on drug conspiracy charges in 2008. He hired attorneys Peter Mayas and Emmanuel Roy to represent him. 

From CBS:

At the time, he was unaware that neither man had permission to work in Federal Court in South Florida. They had Coulton take a plea to 15 years in prison and then abandoned him—but not before taking everything he had to the tune of $275,000.

“They took his townhome, his furnishings, cars, jewelry even the bedsheets and DVD’s…everything,” said attorney Paul Petruzzi who helped Coulton reclaim his life. […] First Petruzzi had Coulton’s prison sentence cut in half. Then he set about getting Coulton’s money back.

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A judge ordered Mayas to turn over the keys to his $270,000 home to Coulton.

He is in the process of moving into the home, and has to pay back homeowners association dues and repair the house. Coulton’s other former lawyer Emmanuel Roy is serving a seven year prison term for mortgage fraud.

Justice served.

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