Brent Thomas Posada (Facebook)

A California man who first told police he was attacked by a black man with a gun has admitted to intentionally shooting himself.

Brent Thomas Posada, 34, of Redding, said he was shot at his home on Feb. 1. Posada told cops that a black man approached him and pointed a gun at his head.

From ABC News:

Posada said he pushed the suspect’s arm to the side as the gun went off, and a bullet struck him in abdomen. When police searched the area they couldn’t find any evidence, so they turned the case over to the Investigations Division.

Investigators examined Posada’s clothes and and pictures of his injuries from that night, finding evidence that contradicted Posada’s statement.

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A week after the incident, Redding Police interviewed Posada. He admitted to shooting himself with a high-powered air rifle inside his home.

While the investigation will be forwarded to the Shasta County District Attorney’s Office for review, Posada has not been charged for the false report.

What’s up with suspects, even false ones, always being described as a black male?


Should Posada be charged for filing the false police report?

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