Ramsey Orta, the man who filmed the NYPD putting Eric Garner in a chokehold–an act which was recently deemed a homocide–has been arrested on gun possession charges. 

From KDVR:

Orta was arrested leaving the hotel after police said they saw him passing an object to his girlfriend, who placed it in her waistband, according to the source. Police stopped them both and recovered a gun from the girlfriend’s waistband, the source said.

The girlfriend was also charged with possessing the gun, in addition to a marijuana charge, the official said.

The gun, a .25 caliber Norton semiautomatic handgun, was reported stolen in Michigan in 2007, a second law enforcement official said.

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According to the source, police were at the hotel because it’s a known drug location.

The source said it was only after police recognized Orta as the recorder or the deadly confrontation with Garner when he told police, “You’re only mad at me because I filmed your boy.”

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