It was only a couple of months ago that Melissa Harris-Perry was in the middle of a very public parting of ways with MSNBC, which had been the home for her weekend broadcast for years. Many wondered what would be the next home for the news personality. We now have an answer.

Harris-Perry will be joining as an editor at large, according to CNN. With this new role, she’ll be responsible for writing columns, conducting interviews and working as on-air talent for videos. While this won’t be a full-time position –it could be one of many positions that she ultimately fills – she’ll contribute on a regular basis.

“This gives me a chance to talk politics, but also culture, race, gender, and literally shoes,” she told CNN.

“My husband James and I have had a lot of conversations about what audience I want to be talking to and who I hope will be interested in listening,” she continued.

One of the many projects Harris-Perry can be expected to be involved in will be called “Sole Search,” where she’ll interview guests as they go shoe shopping.  Her first guest will reportedly be Teresa Younger, the head of the Ms. Foundation for Women, which fights for gender equality and other women’s issues.

“She will, as her work has always done, highlight the stories of women and girls — a reader might get to see an interview with a prominent female politician, a Black Lives Matter activist, or a celebrity,” said Leah Chernikoff, the site director. “Or they might read Melissa’s writings on topics ranging from feminism, intersectionality, and motherhood, to fashion and even gardening.”

Adding Harris-Perry’s voice to the website could add some perspective on issues concerning the black community. In case anyone forgot, published a piece where a writer challenged the idea of #BlackGirlMagic and brought on a fair share of pushback from the black community.

Photo Courtesy: Flickr