Every few years there appears to be a new black actor who we fan cast into every possible role. There was Denzel, then Will Smith, then Idris Elba and the most recent one appears to be Michael B. Jordan. So it makes perfect sense that he’d be in on the joke.

In the latest commercial from Apple TV, Jordan co-stars alongside Kobe Bryant, who has only one game left in his professional basketball career. Jordan wears a replica of Bryant’s Lower Merion high school jersey as the two discuss what it’ll take to portray him in a film.

It didn’t take long for the 37-year-old, which is ancient in basketball years, to be on the receiving end of some “old man” jokes. Jordan even plays a scene from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button to show the age he’s aiming for in his performance.

Bryant kicked Jordan out. Jordan tried to steal a plum. Bryant wasn’t having it.

Enjoy the full commercial below.

Photo Courtesy: YouTube