After it was announced that Ryan Coogler would be directing Marvel’s Black Panther film many hoped that the stars would align and find a way to get his close friend Michael B. Jordan somewhere in the project. According to the Root, fans of Coogler, Jordan and T’Challa will be getting their wish and the band’s getting back together.

Jordan has been the star of both of Coogler’s successful feature films to date, Fruitvale Station and Creed. But after Jordan appeared as Johnny Storm in FOX Studios’ Fantastic 4 (2015), there were concerns that he’d be tied to a potential sequel and wouldn’t be available to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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That no longer appears to be the case as this signifies that a sequel to the universally panned film either won’t get a sequel or will have to do it without their Human Torch. As of now, speculation suggests that Jordan will play a villain.

The Black Panther made his first feature film appearance in the recently released Captain America: Civil War and, by most accounts, completely stole the show. The African king of the richest and most advanced country in the world is portrayed by Chadwick Boseman and will likely go on to play a large role in the connected film series, starting in Black Panther in Feb. 2018.

With this news and the recent announcement that Lupita Nyong’o is likely to be cast as well there’s only one thing left to say.


Photo Credit: Twitter