In a recent interview, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg admitted that he might feel differently about the NYPD’s controversial Stop and Frisk policy if he had a son.

“If I had a son who was stopped, I might feel differently about it, but nevertheless,” Bloomberg said. “Maybe I was inelegant, but I don’t think anybody thinks I am anything but—I hope not, anyway—supportive of trying to help all people. With my own money as well as time, thank you very much. I’ve spent yearss of my life doing this.”

Of course, Bloomberg’s hypothetical son would likely have to be black or brown to be stopped.

Bloomberg later doubled down on his support for the policy.

“I would suggest to the next mayor, whoever it is, that saving lives is the most important thing, more so than pandering. …Stop and frisk has been shown to be—not the only, but the most effective, tool in getting guns out of the hands of kids.”

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So Bloomberg might not think Stop and Frisk was so great if his children were in the cross hairs, but since they aren’t it’s cool?

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