The most endearing thing about President Barack Obama doesn’t have anything to do with him directly. It’s actually his family, especially his wife, Michelle Obama.

Over the past few years, the First Lady has danced with kids in the White House and even made an appearance on popular kids shows. If you were somehow under the belief that she wasn’t absolutely the coolest First Lady ever, a recent video showing her surprising elementary school students should change that.

According to the Grio, Michelle Obama has been working on a “Let’s Move” campaign lately to encourage kids to take up gardening. To serve as some extra motivation, she surprised students that have been doing just that at John Burroughs Elementary School and Watkins Elementary School in Washington D.C.

On her visits, Obama got to play with worms, hug students, talk about the importance of gardening, hug more students and make tortillas. And before she left she hugged some more students.

Just to make it clear that Michelle isn’t only here for the kids, she also surprised a family that was growing their own food and making their own compost in their backyards.

Check out the full video below.


Photo Credit: YouTube