Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn came up with a four-point plan to prevent citizens from falling victim to gun violence. But there was one major problem, if not being shot were truly that simple, someone would’ve figured this out a long time ago. 

Flynn’s four steps to avoid getting shot were as follows, according to WISN:

  • Don’t be part of a crime gang or crew
  • Don’t be a drug dealer
  • Don’t illegally carry a gun
  • “If you are in an argument with a stranger, ask them how often they’ve been arrested. If they’ve been arrested more often than you’ve been arrested, concede the point”

That’s it folks, if you don’t want to worry about being shot, don’t worry about being an innocent bystander, being the victim of a shooter at a nightclub or even being shot by the same police officers who are meant to protect you. It’s not like that ever happens, right?

As one would likely expect, Flynn was soon criticized by members of the community for oversimplifying the plague of gun violence and making it seem as if victims only fell into one of these four categories.

“I want you to know this is more than just about a soundbite,” Alderman Milele Coggs said during a meeting, according to WISN. “It’s about more than just being disturbed by what you said.”

Flynn, however, refused to apologize for offending anyone with his comments but did say that he’ll alter his approach.

“I didn’t apologize because my motives weren’t impure,” he said. “I’ve used this as a communication device with many community groups in many neighborhoods without a complaint. So, I’ve got a complaint. I won’t use that anymore.”

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons