A Minneapolis police officer is getting a lot of unwanted attention after posting a few Facebook statuses that some say is racist.

Joseph Ming Klimmek, a 5-year veteran, has a few people questioning whether or not he is fit for the job after sharing an article about weekend murders. 

From KMSP:

“Racism and glorifying murders is not the thing that I want my kids to look up to,” Alicia Lucio admitted.

Lucio told Fox 9 News Klimmek, a 1st-precinct officer with the Minneapolis Police Department, shared some eyebrow-raising comments under his online alias, Joseph Klimax. One came when he posted a link to a Fox 9 News story about weekend murders and added: “3 murders in 3 days and it’s not even warm yet? This could be a busy year finally.”

When Lucio commented that it seemed like Klimmek might be praising the murder rate, he simply responded, “The last few years were slow.”

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POST Board member Neil Melton said that Klimmek’s post did not violate licensing standards, but does beg the question. He is encouraging department heads to ask themselves whether Klimmek has a history of posting things that are not well thought out.

Another recent meme posted by Klimmek was perceived as having racist undertones:



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