Not really sure if this is a proud moment for Morehouse College, but it’s worth mentioning. Each year GQ Magazine releases it’s list of  “25 Douchiest Colleges.” Morehouse was the only HBCU to make the cut. 

From GQ:

The question isn’t whether you’re a douche bag when you go to college. We were all kind of douche bags when we went to college, if we’re going to be honest about it. No, the question for America’s youth is: What kind of douche bag do you aspire to be? Like, Where can you go if you want to major in Jet Skiing? How about if you’re a trust-fund type but are embarrassed about it? What if you want to lord your intelligence over people for the rest of your life, in the form of a bumper sticker?

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GQ listed Morehouse at number 20, referring to it as the “Home of: The Fozworth Bentley Douche.” The humorous list claims that Morehouse grads are most likely to “be a lawyer by day, black socialite by night.”

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Thoughts on the list?

Is it offensive? Does it further advance stereotypes about intelligent people of color?

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