Theresa Rudd wants to know what really happened to her son, and she’s hoping that a lawsuit filed against the City of Jonesboro, Arkansas will provide them.

It’s been almost a year since 21-year-old Chavis Carter was found dead with a bullet wound in his head. Rudd filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city, the police chief and the two police officers who were present when Carter was shot.

Officials claim Carter died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound while sitting in the back of a police car on July 28, 2012. At the time of the incident, Carter’s hands were cuffed and double-locked behind his back.

From The Grio:

Yates said Marsh was reprimanded and temporarily suspended for failing to properly search Carter. He has since been reinstated. The internal investigation found no wrongdoing on the part of the other officer, Keith Baggett, Yates said. Statements from eyewitnesses, text messages, video and physical evidence established that Baggett didn’t violate any policy or procedure. “Based upon these facts and circumstances I made the decision to return them to active duty status,” Yates told The Associated Press in an email.

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In the complaint, Rudd alleges that the two white men in the truck with Carter were given a pass by the officers and released despite drug paraphernalia being found in the vehicle. One officer is heard on a dash video cam as saying, “If you come back this way, I won’t help you again.”

The complaint also calls attention to the officers’ claims that despite being a few feet away from the police car, neither heard the gunshot that killed Carter.

Jonesboro Police have declined to comment on the lawsuit.

Hopefully justice and served and this mother gets the closure that she is seeking.

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