While you’re average 11-year-old is probably playing with the latest gadget or video game, two young talented children of color are continuing to make their mark on the fashion scene.

In one of its latest articles, the Huffington Post highlighted several young tweens and teens who are embracing cloth and creativity. Among them are Moziah Bridges, 11, and Melissa Jade Aiello, 12.


From Huffington Post:

[At 9, Melissa] started sketching models and fashion icons from magazines, including Karl Lagerfeld. She put the Karl sketch on a t-shirt, followed by sketches of Anna Wintour, John Galliano and Donatella Versace. She turned it into a t-shirt line called Tees By Missy X. The 12-year-old’s growing t-shirt company, which currently operates on “commission-only basis,” was recently profiled by Vogue UK.

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Moziah, who simply goes by the nickname Mo, has been sewing bow ties since his grandmother bought him a sering machine at age 9. Now at 11, he is the founder of Mo’s Bows, and sells his ties online at select boutiques in Tennessee, Texas and South Carolina.


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