Three University of Maryland students are dead after a murder-suicide on campus.

Graduate student Dayvon Green killed his two roommates before turning the gun on himself:

Dayvon Maurice Green, a 23-year-old NASA student ambassador, used a 9 mm handgun to shoot two of his 22-year-old roommates, both undergraduate students at the university, at their 8706 36th Ave. home. Stephen Alex Rane of Silver Spring was pronounced dead at the hospital Tuesday, and the other victim underwent surgery yesterday afternoon for non-life-threatening injuries, said Julie Parker, Prince George’s County Police spokeswoman. Police declined to release the third student’s name.

Green had a machete, a fully loaded semiautomatic handgun, multiple rounds of ammunition and a baseball bat in a long bag, detectives’ investigation revealed. Green, who did not leave a suicide note, suffered from a mental illness for at least a year and had been prescribed medication, family members told police. Parker said he purchased the 9 mm gun in Baltimore County legally last year while he was mentally ill. Officers declined to specify the condition he suffered from.


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According to the article, none of the university administration knew that Green suffered from mental illness. Our thoughts are with the families who have suffered this great loss.


As we address gun control, how can we ensure the safety of the community and those who suffer from mental illness

without militarizing spaces and criminalizing people?

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