Twerking is the new electric slide of our time.

While the dance has been claimed by Miley Cyrus, broken down by scientists and featured in the Guinness Book of World Records, for the most part the dance move has managed to keep a bit of a little profile in the arena of controversy.

That was until rapper Monsta With da Fade released his latest video.

“Hut Hut-Football Twerk Song” naturally features women twerking on a football field, but the scene also has young girls dancing. Twerking.

Check it out:


The music industry has done a pretty good job of objectifying and exploiting women as sex objects, and introducing young girls to the trend is not surprising. To me it’s always inappropriate for young children to dance provocatively. But I’d like to leave it up to you.

Is this another example of training young girls to value their “assets” over more intangible traits? 

Or are people reacting to the “fun” and popular dance of the season?

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