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Like many organizations, law officials, community members and family members, the NAACP wants to develop a deeper understanding of gun violence. For the next two weeks national NAACP leaders will do just that.

From health disparities, the educational disadvantages, members of the historic organization will share thoughts on how America arrived at it current state regarding gun violence in urban communities.

From The Root:

An entire generation is growing up in neighborhoods where violence is no longer the exception but the norm. When schools treat young people like inmates rather than students, gang culture can offer instant validation. When adequate health care is a dream and there are few opportunities to find a decent job, a gun can provide a feeling of absolute control. When prison becomes a rite of passage, a prison mentality starts to set in at home.

We need to create environments where young people can expect a better future—where opportunity can be found in the classroom and job market, not behind the barrel of a gun.

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The series seeks to identify a number of key issues that lead to gun violence, and come up with solutions to effectively address them.

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In your opinion, what are the main causes of gun violence?

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