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The family of an 18-year-old who was fatally shot by an off-duty St. Louis police officer in October publicly released the name of the shooter despite authorities withholding the information.

Officials were hesitant to release the officer’s name until a “threat assessment” was completed. 

From Daily Mail:

VonDerrit Myers Jr. was killed by Jason H. Flanery, the teens relatives revealed Wednesday. His name had been inadvertently included with materials delivered to Myers’ funeral home.

Their lawyer also revealed what he said are Flanery’s racially tinged social media posts that indicate a bias against minorities.

Attorney Jermaine Wooten noted that Flanery posted his opposition to Obama and belief that the First Lady ‘looks drunk, high, and dumb as hell’ in a photo–evidence the officer has ‘a biased view of African-Americans’ said Wooten.

There were also criticisms of homosexuals, Flanery said.

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An attorney representing Flanery did not identify him as his client in the case, but told St. Louis Today, ‘The political views of the officer that was involved in this doesn’t change any of the facts that happened.’

Myers was shot a total of eight times, six of those from behind, according to a forensic pathologist who performed an independent autopsy.

The family’s attorneys said the autopsy suggests Myers was running away from the officer, and that the evidence simply “does not match up.”

The officer involved is on administrative leave.


Black lives matter.

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