Earlier this year, NBA free agent Jason Collins made history when he broke his silence by Collins was the first active player to ever declare his homosexuality in the Big Three U.S. sports leagues.

He was praised by teammates, officials in the league and the general population, but still remains unemployed. 

From The Nation:

But now just for being himself, after a career as the epitome of a “team player”, he has been labeled “a distraction” and finds himself on the outside looking in at the start of the NBA season. I attempted to reach out to Jason Collins and ask him about his status as a man without a team, but, as I heard from several people close to the veteran seven-footer, he is not talking. 

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Collins is remaining silent because he believes that he could still catch on before the All-Star break. His silence and lack of fuss over not being able to land a contract is the best move.

Collins also happens to be a 13 year veteran of the league. His skills are described as being a player who has never averaged more than 7 points or 7 rebounds in a season.

Do you believe NBA teams aren’t selecting Collins because they view him as a distraction?

Or is it just that his time and skills are of little value?

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