According to an official briefed on his condition, South African freedom fighter Nelson Mandela is currently on life support.

He has been hospitalized since June 8 with a lung infection.

Mandela’s family has yet to confirm this situation.

From CNN:

Authorities have described his condition as critical since Sunday, and President Jacob Zuma said earlier Wednesday that Mandela’s condition remained unchanged, South Africa’s national news agency reported.

In a statement issued late Tuesday, the government said Mandela’s doctors “continue to do their best to ensure his recovery, well-being and comfort.”

As the nation remained on edge, police barricaded the street leading to the hospital’s main entrance. Well-wishers hung balloons, stuffed animals and¬†messages of support¬†along the wall outside his Pretoria hospital. Crowds hovering nearby sang “Where is Mandela?”

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Our thoughts and prayers are with Nelson Mandela and his family at this time.


We will keep you updated on Mr. Mandela’s condition as more information becomes available.