Beloved freedom fighter and former South African President Nelson Mandela is still is still in serious condition with a lung infection.

He has been hospitalized for ten days.

As the world continues to pray for his recovery, his wife – Graca Machel – expressed the family’s thanks for “bringing us love, comfort and hope. “

From the AP:

People have carried “get well soon” placards outside the Mediclinic Heart Hospital in Pretoria where Mandela is being treated. They have prayed for him in churches across this nation of roughly 50 million. Schoolchildren have come to his home in Johannesburg to sing. Even though he was not there to hear them, the voices gave solace to his family.

“The messages have come by letter, by SMS, by phone, by Twitter, by Facebook, by email, cards, flowers and the human voice, in particular the voices of children in schools or singing outside our home,” Machel said in a statement. “We have felt the closeness of the world and the deepest meaning of strength and peace.”

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According to South African President Jacob Zuma, Mandela’s health is steadily improving.

Great news.

Please join us as we continue to pray for a speedy recovery for Nelson Mandela.