With the amount of talk on Twitter already, it looks like Netflix may have the next big cultural touchstone on its hands. 

Yesterday, the trailer was released for a film called Burning Sands, which tells the story of a young man on a college campus going through part of the process of pledging a Black fraternity.

The trailer has already sparked plenty of discussion online as it depicts some of the harsh and rigorous actions that can occur while one’s pledging to join an organization. It will also touch on the subject of what one does when they feel the need to speak up about these instances and the pressures they’re placed under.

Burning Sands was a favorite at the Sundance Film Festival and stars Trevor Jackson, Alfre Woodard, Steve Harris, Tosin Cole, DeRon Horton and Moonlight’s Trevante Rhodes. It was directed by Gerard McMurray who, in case you were wondering, did join a Black greek letter organization while attending an HBCU.

Watch the full trailer below to see what to expect when the film drops come March 10.

Photo Credit: YouTube