A New Jersey woman’s vehicle was vandalized and spray-painted with racial epithets, including the N-word earlier this week.

Marcella Seachrist walked out of her home Monday morning to see the offensive language painted across her 1996 Jeep. The culprits also slashed the woman’s tires. 

From CBS:

“We’re all supposed to live among each other, and try to be as friendly as we can, you know? And it’s nothing like that should be written anywhere, you know? And it’s really very offensive,” Seachrist said.

Seachrist said she believes the racial slur was a personal attack on her and her biracial grandchildren, whom she cares for.

“I have grandchildren that are half black, you know,” she said. “It doesn’t give you a good feeling.”

The grandmother, however, said she doesn’t know who might be responsible.

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There was not a surveillance camera at the apartment complex where the vandalism occurred. The Old Bridge Police Department is investigating the incident.

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