A Brooklyn man says he had two choices when stopped by the NYPD: to rap for the police officers or to go to jail. 

Quinshon Shingles rhymed about alcohol, b**ches and cannabis, and was warned that if his rap wasn’t “hot” enough, he would be arrested.

From New York Post:

“I felt like they were humiliating me,” said Shingles, whose rap name is “Sauce Da Boss,” to The Post on Tuesday. “They were all Caucasian officers, and I’m a black man, and they had me performing for my freedom. I was really upset.” Shingles, 28, said he, his cousin and another male pal were at the cousin’s East New York home in December 2011 when the plainclothes officers arrived demanding to perform a search, the suit states.

The cousin, Tyriek Fortune, was suspected of a criminal offense, the suit says, although it’s unclear exactly what the alleged crime was.

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After learning that Shingles was an aspiring rapper, the officers made Shingles perform for them. As he leaned against a couch on the ground in handcuffs, Shingles recited lyrics from a party song he wrote a few months earlier. The cops approved of the performance and let him walk.

One of the cops, David Grieco is under investigation for previous illegal behavior elsewhere.

Shingles is now suing the NYPD for false imprisonment for an undisclosed sum.

Wow. Just when you think things can’t get any worse.

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