Katherine A. Lemire was a top lawyer for NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly until she decided to take a position at another firm. Now, she has filed a lawsuit against her new place of employment, alleging that she was forced to quit after sticking up for a black co-worker.

Lemire filed the lawsuit against Michael Stapleton Associates, a Manhattan-based security services firm. 

From New York Post:

“Lemire spoke out against what she perceived to be unlawful discrimination against an African-American employee by defendant,” the suit says. “In response… MSA repeatedly undermined her authority within her department, deprived her of the client contact that was a promised condition of her employment, attempted to redistribute a lucrative business operation under her control to another division, and fraudulently allowed Lemire’s division to operate without necessary licensing.”

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The assistant who Lemire defended claimed that she was repeatedly exposed to racist comments from some of her white co-workers. Lemire thought the allegations had merit, and openly questioned Harvey after he fired CEO Patrick Temlin. Temlin’s investigation found that senior management was well aware of the racist remarks.

The suit is demanding that Michael Stapleton Associates stop the unlawful harassment, and is suing for an unspecified amount.

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