An NFL-ordered probe has revealed that Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin was subjected to ongoing racist harassment that included vicious sexual taunts about his mother and sister by three teammates. 

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The report said Richie Incognito, who was suspended by the Dolphins in November, and fellow offensive linemen John Jerry and Mike Pouncey harassed Martin. Another offensive lineman and an assistant trainer also routinely came under attack. Neither was named in the report.

Lawyer Ted Wells released his 144-page report Friday.

Wells says his inquiry found Martin was taunted and ridiculed almost daily. After Martin left the team in October, Incognito boasted about “breaking Jmart” in a notebook the linemen used to tally fines and bonuses among themselves. When the investigation began, Incognito asked another player to destroy the book, but investigators obtained it.

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The other player who was harassed was “subjected to homophobic name-calling and improper physical touching.” The assistant trainer, who is Japanese, was subjected to racial slurs.

There has been no word of possible punishment stemming from the case. Richie Incognito’s suspension was lifted recently after three months, but the player is not expected to return to the Dolphins.

Should the players be reprimanded?

Or is this just an example of “locker room culture” that comes with the territory of being an athlete? 

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