Brace yourselves.

You might need some protection when you step outside your door today.
It’s cold out but people are colder.

As you have your morning breakfast or lunch or dinner, depending on
what side of the world you live on, be sure to have a side of IDGAF
next to your toast.

Take a daily dose of pride, as many as needed of confidence, and
inject yourself with self love. Unfortunately, but fortunately our hearts pump
blood. At least they’re suppose to. People will bleed with envy, have ice
in their veins and try to convince you that who you are and what makes
you who you are might or might not meet the status quo.

But let’s stand them up.
Let’s not bother to listen to their messages, make up excuses
or reschedule.

Because honestly, what the world thinks of you is not worth your time.
It’s not even worth theirs.

I say this because your individuality, what makes you you, is under attack.

Constantly people can show how shallow and completely bias they can be.
Pressing our self-esteem down until it reaches an all time low and then providing
us with contradicting cliches like “be yourself,” or “come as you are.”

They don’t want you to be who you really are, because one, it won’t make them
happy and two, it won’t make them money.

The world diagnose you with the problems they give you and then
propose a cure or treatment that will only create more problems.

So, shut off your television.
Close that magazine.
Turn off the radio.
Separate yourself from peers who are constant downers.
You know? The ones who have nothing positive to say EVER?
And only enjoy hearing the misfortune that happens in your
life but disregard your triumphs? Yeah, THOSE friends.
Let them go.

We as brown skin individuals are constantly challenged.
Our self-worth, intelligence, and ability to exist and function
in this world has become a battlefield.

As we stare in our mirrors and pick ourselves apart,
we find the pieces of our lives with anything but smooth

Our skin tones, our hair texture, our facial features, our bodies are
objectified and stigmatized, predetermining our characters
and the way we should be treated as a whole and individuals.

Schools like Faith Christian Academy of Orlando, Florida
that tells their student, Vanessa Van Dyke
she must cut her hair because of it’s natural texture.

Channels like ABC – affiliate, KBTS-TV that fire their
meteorologist Rhonda Lee for taking a stand via Facebook for
the harsh comments about her short hair.

Restaurants like Hooters that fire their waitress, Farryn
Johnson for wearing highlights her peers, that are unlike her skin
color, can freely wear.

The list goes on and in.
People continue to make it longer with their descrimination
and their belief that to conform is the norm. That to change
ourselves is really improving ourselves even though
it takes us far from ourselves.

But before you give in, or start to question, please
remember that as much as they find their natural born existence
superior or beautiful, you should find it just as much.

Look in the mirror and smile.

Hold yourself and squeeze yourself like a long lost friend.

Close your eyes and think of all the things that make you

Maybe it’s the roundness of your nose.
Maybe it’s the warm tone you wear on your skin.
Maybe it’s the fullness of your lips or the natural
born roots that are natural born rebels.

All these wonderful things are under attack in the media
and the real world. And as Blacks we must understand that
it’s not us, it’s THEM. Nothing was ever wrong and
we don’t fit the requirements of what makes anything wrong.

I believe that people should be able to look how they want.
That is the ultimate goal.

But what makes us who we are naturally, should not be
shunned, descriminated against or ridiculed if we choose
to remain unchanged.

If that school is really of the Christian Faith,
then they would understand that Vanessa VanDyke was created
in the image of the god they worship.

If ABC affiliate KBTS- TV was really executing fair treatment,
then her white co-worker would’ve been fired as well for responding to the criticism regarding her weight.

If Hooters really valued their employees and understand
that the beauty they hire comes in all colors and shouldn’t
be given limitations because of their ethinicity, ANY blonde
could have fun.

These are just a few incidents that has happened, will happen,
and are still happening.

So arm yourself.

Take long hard look at yourself and love it.
Become a pro at it.

You should not only be good at loving others, but
you should be great at loving yourself.

Because no one can do it better than you.

I say this because it will be long before people as a whole wake up

and realize that our differences should enlighten and distinguish us.

Don’t wait up. Love yourself now.

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