First, Dinyal New’s 13-year-old son, Lee Weathersby III was slain in East Oakland on New Year’s Eve. Now, less than three weeks later, New is preparing to bury her 19-year-old son Lamar Broussard. 

On Sunday, Broussard and a second man were killed as they rode in a car. 

From San Francisco Gate: 

On Monday, New said she was trying to remain strong. But the 41-year-old woman, a social worker’s assistant, acknowledged that she didn’t have the strength to positively identify both of her sons, asking relatives to do so “because I just have to remember them exactly the way they were.”

To lose one son is bad enough, she said. To lose a second one is almost unthinkable. “I have no more kids,” she said, adding that she was struggling with her faith in a higher power.

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New said she didn’t know if the two killings were related, but stated that no one outside of the family knew that Lamar and Lee were half brothers. She pleaded with fellow parents to talk to their kids, and call them out when doing wrong.

Her youngest son was shot around 9:30 p.m. on Dec. 31 near 104th Avenue and Walnut Street as he walked home from a party at the Boys & Girls Club. He was an avid basketball player and drummer who attended Alliance Academy.

Broussard and a friend 19-year-old Derryck Harris were shot and killed Sunday afternoon while riding in Broussard’s Audi near the corner of 100th and Longfellow avenues. They were ambushed by another car that opened fire.

Our condolences are with Dinyal New during this difficult time.

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