Five deputies with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department are under investigation for allegedly sending racist text messages while on duty.

Sheriff Phil Plummer said two of the five deputies — Sheriff’s Capt. Thomas J. Flanders and Detective Michael J. Sollenberger, had been placed on indefinite paid administrative leave as of Dec. 1. 

From Raw Story:

According to WDTN, Flanders is in charge of the Montgomery County Jail, and Sollenberger works with the internal affairs unit and is a member of the SWAT team. The three other deputies had not been identified by name, and had not been suspended.

“The N-word was used several times as well as other racial slurs and jokes,” Plummer noted. “Racism will not be tolerated in this office.”

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WKEF says it obtained

hundreds of pages of text messages.” One read: “What do apples and black people have in common? They both hang from trees.”

“I hate N**gers. That is all,” another text message said.

“Very simply put, they’re N*ggers, son,” one deputy wrote. In August, Dayton Unit NAACP President Derrick L. Foward reported the text messages to the department after receiving an anonymous tip. Authorities say they conducted a three-month investigation, and conferred with the NAACP’s national officer before publicly releasing the allegations.

After what appears to be a significant amount of evidence against the racist cops, one cannot help but to wonder why they aren’t fired and on PAID leave.

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