There are more transgender and gender fluid characters on television who appear in main roles than ever.

According to NPR’s Neda Ulaby, “TV’s expanding universe [also] represents gays and lesbians and working women.” 

From NPR:

It started when I realized a few shows I’ve enjoyed over the past 12 months (Orange is the New BlackHouse of Lies) as well as one I used to enjoy much more (Glee) feature transgender or genderqueer main characters. Once I watched the pilot ofTransparent, a new series on Amazon that’s just been picked up for a full season, it became clear that now might be a great time to consider trans representation on TV.

This piece looks specifically at scripted dramas. The gifted actress Laverne Cox pointed out during our interview that for a long time, one of the only places to see trans people in popular culture was on daytime talk shows. And trans people have also appeared on reality shows, from Chaz Bono in Dancing With the Stars to Ru Paul’s Drag Race, which recently had to apologize for using a term seen as a slur by many trans people.

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Ulaby notes that transwomen, rather than transmen, appear to get more attention in scripted television at the moment.

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Do you think America is becoming more accepting of trans and gender fluid characters on camera?

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