Today, the Supreme Court will hear arguments concerning the constitutionality of the California Prop 8 marriage ban.

The argument is scheduled to last only one hour, but it may give clues as to how the justices are leaning. It will begin shortly after 10 a.m. Eastern time.  About 1 p.m. the court will release audio of the arguments on its website. About an hour later, it will post written transcripts.

Two former Reagan administration lawyers, Charles J. Cooper and Theodore B. Olson, will argue on opposite sides, with Olson contending an equal right to marry is basic to American liberty and Cooper saying the decision on changing state marriage laws should be left to the voters in each state.
The Obama administration’s top courtroom lawyer will also make a brief presentation to argue that California’s Proposition 8 and its ban on same-sex marriage should be struck down as unjust discrimination against gays and lesbians.


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