Last week we reported that the trailer for the upcoming film “Annie” had been released. Jamie Foxx and Quvenzhané Wallis star in the film, set to be released this Christmas.

While most of us were thrilled to see this talented young lady back on the big screen, there are always racist trolls ready for the picking. 

From Twitter: 

Black Annie…? No… Annie always will be and always should be a ginger! #notracistjust traditional @SaraCamposXD) March 6, 2014

I don’t like this remake of Annie. There can’t be a black Annie. @tayylorhartwell March 6, 2014

@slutwhoreputa lololol you’re calling me racist? You don’t know sh*t about me. @tayylorhartwell March 6, 2014

They turned Annie black. I have no problems with black people. I have a problem with a non-ginger Annie @shamy_feels March 6, 2014

Why is the new Annie black? Like not racist but wasn’t she supposed to be a ginger @JNikkoel95 March 6, 2014

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Wallis made history by becoming the youngest girl to be nominated for an Oscar last year. She lost to Anne Hathaway. The original character of Annie was played by Aileen Quinn in 1982.

Thoughts on the reactions on Twitter?

Racist or not racist?

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And some are even more traditional than others:

They’re redoing the Annie movie and making the little girl black. The fuck gonna be going on next? A black snow white????

— PactheMan1898 (@PactheMan1898) March 6, 2014


She is “the whitest of them all,” after all. Why, a black “Annie” would be like:

A black Annie- really? should we now have a white Aunt Jemima?

— Donna Latella (@logriffin) March 6, 2014


Besides, Annie is supposed to be cute: