A new Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP) brief is taking a closer look at the disparate experiences of black males in the nation’s welfare system.

The brief is designed to spur dialogue and action, and is part of the Obama administration’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative

According to a press release for the brief, it “examines what we know and [identifies] promising policy and practice strategies that can help to improve experiences and outcomes among this highly vulnerable group.”

From CSSP: 

 “The child welfare, juvenile justice and mental health systems can, at their best, offer the pivotal opportunities that help young men move along the pathway to education, employment and healthy family relationships,” said Frank Farrow, director of CSSP. “Conversely, if these systems are not effective, they can be way stations on the cradle-to-prison pipeline that blights too many futures.”

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By calling attention to the needs of an often misunderstood populations, the brief outlines a framework for both present and long-term action.

“My Brother’s Keeper is meant to address the racial economic disparities faced by black and Latino males.

Click here to read the brief in full.

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