Parents of some New Orleans students have pulled their children out of school and are protesting the “school-to-prison” pipeline approach to the educational experiences of their children.

About 12 families are protesting the practices of three New Orleans charter schools run by Collegiate Academies, due to what they believe is an environment not conducive to learning and preparing their children for college.

From WWL-TV:

On Tuesday, about a dozen parents and students gathered outside of those schools protesting what they say are horrible learning conditions. The parents started pulling their children from school two weeks ago. They claim the teachers are untrained, unprofessional and lack the cultural understanding to educate black students. Some parents also raised concerns about how the schools discipline students. One mother said her son was unfairly punished.

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Collegiate Academies issues a statement about the protest, saying that their students perform at or above Louisiana state standards and that most families are happy with the education they provide. The protesting families intend to home-schooling their students.

Your thoughts on the allegations?

Should the institution that oversees Louisiana charter schools be looking into these claims?

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